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      Community Guidelines

      Codeit is meant to be a respectful community for anyone who loves to code. We ask that you follow these guidelines
      so we can keep Codeit a fun and helpful space for everyone! :D
      All posts are monitored by Codeit admins and are subject to deletion if a violation is noted.

      Codeit Community Guidelines

      Rule 1. Respect all members

      We want Codeit to be a community for fun, engaging learning. Please be respective of your fellow Codeit members and refrain from aggressive, hostile comments. Those who fail to do so are subject to being banned.

      Rule 2. Ask questions

      Our platform strives to foster open conversation! If you run into any problems or have questions about the lesson content, please leave a comment.
      If you have any questions about Codeit in general, please refer to the Contact Us button on the lower right side of the page.

      Rule 3. Like and recommend helpful posts

      Your input is important! Please use the like feature to recommend useful posts to other members of the Codeit community

      Some Tips to Improve Your Codeit Experience

      Tip 1. Be concise and detailed

      When asking questions, a clear title and detailed posts will get you more helpful replies. Please be sure to state exactly where you encountered any problems.
      (adding links can be helpful!)

      Good titles: clear, concise, include all necessary information

      'The difference between the sort method and the sorted function'
      'Why print(int(3.0)) gives an error'
      'Variable name setting question: Why use underscore(_) like in exchange_rate'

      Bad titles: vague statements

      'I am confused'
      'Lottery Question'

      Tip 2. Avoid grammatical mistakes

      Treat questions as you would treat code strings: use correct grammar! A small error can result in delays and miscommunication.

      Tip 3. Bookmark important information

      Use the bookmark feature to refer back to important lessons and community comments.
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